Get the personal training results with a small group atmosphere. Train with cables, bands, weights ,sleds ropes, TRX, medicine balls and kettlebells. Burn fat, build lean toned muscle while training like an athlete. (60 minutes)



Get your all in one workout. Designed for busy people, this effective 60 minute High Intensity Interval Training style workout includes it all! Strength training, core training and endurance training in every class. You literally get it all. (45 minutes)



High intensity. Sweat, burn and tone with your own body weight. Sandbags, sleds and ropes. Build flexibility and improve stability and core strength. (60 minutes)




20 minutes of interval cardio training followed by 20 minutes of metabolic strength and finishing with 20 minutes of dynamic flexibility training. (60 minutes)


Boxing Conditioning


Interval boxing cardio training for all ages and all levels. (60 minutes)


Athletic Conditioning 

Stressed? Come try one of the most popular fitness trends and kick your way to a fitter you. Train like an athlete. This class is welcomed to all ages, beginners welcomed. (60 minutes)