Youth Strength Training

Are chores bad for our children? Some parents have lingering concerns about the safety of youth strength training and others question whether the potential benefits of youth strength training outweigh the risks. The purpose of this article is to address these concerns and dispel common misconceptions associated with youth strength training. 

Myth: Strength training is unsafe for children. 

Fact: The risks associated with strength training are not greater than other sports and activities in which children regularly participate. However, the key is to provide qualified supervision, age-specific instruction and a safe training environment because, as in many sports, accidents can happen if children do not follow established training guidelines. Children should not use strength training equipment at home without supervision from a qualified professional. 

Myth: Strength training will stunt the growth of children. 

Fact: There is no current evidence to indicate a decrease in stature in children who regularly strength train in a supervised environment with qualified instruction. In all likelihood, participation in weight-bearing physical activities (including strength training) will have a favorable influence on growth at any stage of development but will not affect a child’s genetic height potential. 

Myth: Children will experience bone growth plate damage as a result of strength training. 

Fact: A growth plate fracture has not been reported in any research study that was competently supervised and appropriately designed. 

Nonetheless, youth coaches, physical education teachers and fitness instructors must be aware of the inherent risk associated with strength training and should attempt to decrease this risk by following established training guidelines. Do you have your child take out the trash? Or even do any type of chore around the house? well that my friends is strength training! having your child participate in safe strength training atmosphere will only benefit your child. Next time you think about having your child do a chore around the house remember its only for the best for you and your child.